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Wpisać czasowniki w czasie past simple lub past continuous.

She was wearing a fur coat, a hat and dark glasses. she..... a Cadillac. She parked her car next to my bike. While she ..... some money to put into the parking meter, the wind blowed her hat off. She chased after the hat. She just .... it go. While she .... a shop windows, a man who .... clean windows .... her. He was so surprised that he his ..... wet sponge onto her. She was realy angry, especially when the window cleaner ..... to laugh. She .... to go back to her car. A traffic warden .... her a parking ticket. She .... the wet sponge at the traffic warden. The window cleaner still.... so she .... his ladder away from the window and .... him hanging onto the window ledge.
W wykropkowane miejsca trzeba wpisać te czasowniki w odpowiedniej formie:
Begin, clean, drive, drop, give, laugh, leave, let, look for ,look in, pull, recognise, throw, turn.

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